Regenerative Therapies

One Body One Life

You're only given one body, one life to live, so why live plagued by a cycle of pain, medications, and treatment failures?

Today there is a cutting edge technology which allows for physicians to no longer mask pains and treat symptoms, but instead regenerate and rejuvenate the body from within.

This advancement comes in the form of the Umbilical Cord derived Stem Cells which first provide your body with conditions conducive to healing, while stimulating your body to regenerate damaged tissues and heal the underlying cause of your pain.

Uses of Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy utilizes a combination of both live dividing stem cells capable of differentiating into cartilage, bone, muscle, ligament, and organ; as well as a host of growth factors, cytokines, and proteins which eliminate inflammation and provide the tissue with the ideal conditions for regeneration.

We receive our cell donations only from diseases free donors following a planned healthy birth. All donors are screened for medications, communicable diseases, and physiological conditions, as well as reviewed by a medical director before processing in our FDA registered laboratory.

The stem cells are tested to match and exceed the highest industry standards putting the safety of patients first.

Due to the young, unprogrammed nature of Umbilical Cord derived Stem Cells they are classified as immune privileged, this means there should be no adverse immune responses or rejections in any patients treated worldwide.



Stem cells have the potential to heal and rejuvenate a wide range of conditions.

If you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, cartilage degeneration, bone fractures, ligament tears, chronic wounds, chronic inflammation, pain and other disorders, then stem cells can reduce or eliminate your pain and restore full mobility to your life.

Stem cell therapy has the potential to reduce or eliminate symptoms and drastically improve your quality of life.

Now is the opportunity to take back control of your life and speak to a physician who specializes in this groundbreaking regenerative medicine.