Questions & Answers


What does My Chiropractor do?

My Chiropractor Health and Wellness Center helps our patients and their families achieve optimal health and well-being through natural health services. Our holistic approach is founded on the belief that healthy energy equals a healthy body. We are not a crisis care practice; instead we find the root causes of problems, be they mental, emotional or physical, and treat them accordingly. Just as your eyes and teeth need regular check-ups, so does your spine. Through consistent care and our Tonal Chiropractic techniques, our patients experience deep healing and an ability to enjoy life more fully.


What we offer?

My Chiropractor offers a wide range of alternative modalities, including the following:

  •  Gentle chiropractic adjustments

  •  Laser Therapy for pain, rashes, scars and more

  •  Neurological Stress Reductions for support with allergies/sensitivities, stress and emotional disorders

  •  Detoxification services, including Ion Foot Spas

  •  Nutritional supplementation

  •  Acupuncture

  •  Massage

  •  Use of physical medicine and modalities

  •  Lifestyle and nutritional education

  •  Nutrition Store

  •  On site X-Rays and EMG scans

  •  Adrenal stress and heavy metal urine testing


I’m skeptical. How exactly does this work?

Integrating multi-gentle chiropractic techniques in a new and dynamic sequence.


First, initial adjustments help reduce interference to the nervous system. By working on your meningeal nerve column, Dr. Greg releases the tension and stress of daily life, which thereby releases pain. He begins by applying light, directed contacts to the vertebrae. When stress is released from the spinal cord and nerve coverings, less force is required for structural adjustments to correct subluxations/ spinal joint misalignments. The result of this light touch can be a dramatic release of healing energy throughout your entire nervous system; it can also empower your nervous system to release old dominant patterns trapped in your body and mind. With ongoing care, your nervous system can learn how to adjust itself more effectively.


Dr. Greg also uses energy healing and other tools to restore you to optimal health. Ultimately, the intent of our gentle chiropractic is to combine the best of many chiropractic techniques into a healing sequence that brings mental, physical and lifestyle benefits. While this may not be as familiar as traditional medicine, quantum healing is in fact a rising science with considerable research behind it.


What are some typical results?

Each person’s responses to our special chiropractic adjustments will differ slightly. However, some common responses include:

  •  Deeper breathing and a sense of relaxation

  •  An urge to change the position of your head, neck, spin, or pelvis

  •  Emotional releases such as laughing or crying

  •  Physical releases like sensations of tingling, coughing, warmth, cold, or itching

  •  Chemical releases such as nasal discharge, sweating, sneezing or nausea

  •  Briefly re-experiencing past events or old injuries, symptoms, or ailments as your body discharges them

  •  Improvements in both physical health and personal well-being

  •  A sensation that something exciting and powerful is happening within you

We understand that change and healing can be uncomfortable as well as pleasant. Your body’s inner wisdom will change only what you are able and ready to release. This gentle healing method naturally respects each person’s boundaries and limitations during the healing and growth journey.


There are lots of healers and chiropractors out there, I’m not sure who to trust. Why should I put my trust in you?


It’s true that there are as many chiropractors out there as there are misconceptions about chiropractors. However, My Chiropractor has been healing patients with integrity and effectiveness for almost thirty years, and has a proven track record in improving our patients’ health and happiness. Renowned for our compassion and expertise, we were featured on Fox News and have hundreds of satisfied clients – we invite you to read the many positive testimonials on our website. We work with insurance providers, including Medicare, and collaborate with pain doctors and physical therapists to assist our patients with all facets of healing.


It’s natural to have questions, which is why we offer complimentary consultations. To learn more about our services, you are welcome to sit down with Dr. Greg and discuss your needs and the possible solutions MYC can offer you. Your health and well-being are our foremost priorities.

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