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The Positive Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Phase 2 and Beyond: The Positive Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

During Phase 2 of the TLS 21-Day Challenge, the intensity of exercise and activity is increased to target stubborn fat and promote weight loss.

But did you know that exercise can increase the frequency of positive events and social interactions as well?

According to a recent study in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, “increasing physical exercise and the occurrence of positive events is central to well-being promotion… behavioral activation theory suggests the occurrence of one positive event increases the likelihood of engaging in subsequent positive events.”

What This Means for Your Health

When you feel positive, you think positive and act positive. By making optimism a part of your daily mindset, you eliminate stress and avoid negative self-talk, allowing your self-esteem to grow and increasing the likelihood that you will achieve the goals you have set out to conquer.

And when a goal becomes a reality, that feeling of achievement releases more positive endorphins that keep the cycle of optimism going.

Additional Benefits of Exercise Losing weight and feeling great are just two of the many rewards one can reap by adopting an active lifestyle. You may experience other benefits, including:

Sleeping betterBoosted energyImproved memoryImproved focusIncreased strength and flexibility

Regardless of your reason for adding exercise to your daily routine, the benefits of continuing an active lifestyle even after you have reached your goal are endless.

Feel positive. Be positive. Do positive. Grab a friend and get moving!

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